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Frequently Asked Questions

If this is a free service, how do you get paid? It is true that this service is free to the customer. However it is regular practice in real estate for agents to pay a referral fee.

Do you work with First Time Home Buyers? We do!

Do you only work with specific agents from specific Brokerages? No, we are not worried about what Brokerage the Real Estate Agent works for as long as they are the right fit for you!

Is this just a service for people who want to buy a home? Nope, we serve people looking to buy a home, sell their home, buy Investment Property, Bare Land, and Commercial Real Estate. 

What if I want to find a Commercial Real Estate Agent? We serve clients looking for Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, and Bare Land Real Estate. 

I'm moving, can you help me find an agent in my new home town as well as my current home town? Absolutely! 

I'm a Real Estate Agent/Broker. Can I sign up to be a preferred agent in my area? Where it would be easy for us to have preferred agents, we do not let agents sign up or pay us to get preferential treatment. Because we are dedicated to serving the client and looking out for the clients best interests.  Agents we will call you, you don't need to call us.

What is a Real Estate Advocate? Being a Real Estate Advocate is much more than just answering real estate related questions. As an advocate we will also work to improve communication between you and your real estate agent, so that the Agent is able to better serve you. Being an advocate also means that if you are unsatisfied with your agent in any way we will fire the agent for you and place you with a new agent. Again all of this is for free.